Exploition of Power

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"Power", defined as a person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others, comes in many forms. Seemingly, power can be seen as mutational, considering it can be held by many different people and used in various ways. Among the current power issues in America are slavery, feminism, ethics, and morality. Rich, Pou, and Gilligan discuss these issues as well as power in their writings. using examples to enforce how power is misused, who holds it, and which type of power is operative in today's world.

According to Rich's "What Does a Woman Need to Know?", he discusses three types of power: tokenism, despising and exploiting the powerless,

Many people do not necessarily realize what the results of power endorse. Slavery is a big issue around the world, and results when power is put into the wrong hands. Just because slavery is not as common as it once was, it is still going on around the world and is still affecting people greatly.

Kevin Bales, founder of 'Free the Slaves' reported that there are about twenty-seven million slaves around the world today. Slavery has its different forms, depending on which part of the world it is focused on, however the dictionary definition of slavery is extremely broad, being defined as the state of being under the control of another person; hence their being many forms of slavery. In the United States, the US government estimated that eighteen to twenty thousand people are being trafficked into the United States annually. Keeping these statistics in mind, perhaps citizens should do background checks on companies they invest in to be sure they are not linked to slave labor. (Bales)

As far as moral woman are concerned, they should have a considerable amount of decision making power. Taking into consideration...