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Elbert Xuhao Wang

The Difference between Chinese and American Education System

I have made some interesting observations so far. I am from China. After I graduated from high school, I entered Drexel University. As a freshman, I found every science class very easy. My math, chemistry and physics classes were like review classes. So far I have made many friends, some of them are Americans. We spend a lot of time together studying. For many math problems, I think really quickly and write the answer right away, while my American friends have to write all the steps on a piece of paper to get the answer. Although their way of solving problems looks more logical, it takes a lot of time. All the science problems are easy for most of the Chinese students because we have already learned the material in high school in even more detail.

Before college, Chinese students learn much more than American students.

Recently it is proposed that China has the best fundamental education. However, another truth is that most of the great investigations and discoveries are done by American scientists. It is very interesting, in fact, it is kind of surprising. I know many Chinese students are extremely hard-working. They get up at 5:30am and go to bed at around 11:00pm. Except for two hour meals and 90-minute catnap in the afternoon, they spend all their time on studying. These students live like scientists who are obsessed with their work. Then why don't these Chinese students make any outstanding scientific discoveries when they graduate from college? Why do so many Chinese students decide to leave China to go to foreign universities? The following paper will discuss the differences between the Chinese and American educational systems in order to clear these questions.

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