Exploration, Discovery, and Settlement, 1492-1700

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Essay Question for Chapter 1 (Summer Assignment)

Until the late 1400s Europe and Americans had no knowledge of each other's existence. But over time they began to expand their boundaries. 3 major countries who played a big part in the New World were the English, the Spanish, and the French. They all had built colonies in the Americas which developed differently due to each one's policies and actions. The English colonies' development differed from the Spanish and the French colonies mainly because of the purpose of their expansion (and government directing it).

Overall, one of the main reasons the English colonies developed so much differently was because of the purpose of their expansion to the Americas. The Spanish's main focus was primarily to conquer the land; they attempted to annihilate all the people on the land while also being interested in gold, silver, and jewels.

Spanish settlements developed slowly, due to limited mineral resources. The French were at first just trying to find a northwest passage leading through the Americas to Asia and were generally searching for wealth. They also were slow in developing their colonies, not following up its claims to North America land. On the other hand, the English colonies were expanding in each action they executed: splitting into branches the religion they came to America with, etc. Each of these countries' governments dealt with colonization differently leading to different outcomes. France and Spain's approach were very similar, not having much freedom; going to America completely serving their ruler. English colonists enjoyed an abundance of freedom. As long as they did not rebel against the King of England, they were allowed to govern themselves. Another attribute was because of how each promoted population growth which only the colony of the English took the...