Explore the meaning of mental health problems as it affects clients and significant others in their lives

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This essay explore the meaning of mental health problems as it affects clients and significant others in their lives (care experiences gained with clients). In doing so the relevant bio-psycho-social forces which impact upon and influences the individual in the pursuit and fulfilment of leading normal life will be examined. Biological Psychiatry fosters scientific research and education to raise the level of knowledge and comprehension in the field of psychiatry. In modern psychiatry the humanitarian emphasis, psychological treatment, and the sociocultral orientation are included in biologic psychiatry.

In this narrative the client's name shall be altered and be referred to as 'Josie' in accordance with the confidentiality clause in the code of professional conduct "to protect all confidential information concerning clients obtained in the course of professional practice" (UKCC 1992 - now NMC)

Josie is a 22-year-old female of South Pacific decent with a psychiatric history of schizoaffective disorder, depressive type.

Josie had just started her second year in University and also worked as a cashier in a convenience store. Josie lived with her parents, two sisters and one brother. She used ecstasy recreationally but did not abused alcohol, or other illicit drugs. She was maintained in the community on Fluoxetine and Modecate for the past two years, with clonazepam prescribed as required, and she took acetaminophen for headache.

The narrative began in A&E where Josie was brought by her mother after she had held a hair striating iron to the outside of her upper right arm, causing a large, painful burn.

Human endurance has its own limits; I don't think I can manage this any longer. I suffered terribly last year when I was placed on Section and locked up in an old antiquated, poorly furnitured, dark and grim ward for nine months. I fell into despair, I felt...