Exploring Language

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Exploring language

One reason for the use of these weasel words is because they promise much, which is true in the case of unfinished words. Unfinished words depend on the viewer to finish them, and as such can be said to be ambiguous. "Unfinished words can also be joined with powerful visual images on television to appear to be making significant promises about the effectiveness of a product, without really making any clear promises" (Goshgarian, Gary 2010)

These reasons are not good enough although they can be said to be of relevance to the thesis. This is because resorting to the inflated language in order to give importance to insignificant claims is sneaky, as such statement always "appear to say one thing when in fact they say the opposite or nothing at all" (Goshgarian, Gary 2010)

The evidence provided by the author about this accurate and sufficiently credible in that it addresses the problem of adverts that try to convince the buyer that the product the advertiser is pushing is really different from other similar products.

As the author states, a visit to the supermarket will prove that there are a lot of products displaying the words new and improved. A product is considered to be a new product for about 6 months after entering the market, but a product can be labeled new if there has been a material functional change in the product.

The evidence also clearly shows that the words material functional change are very ambiguous, as only the manufacture can prove that there has been a change in the product. So when the manufacturer states that the product has undergone such change and is not challenged about the validity of the claim, then the manufacturer get away with the claim. This evidence is relevant to...