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I am interested in what drives the human mind to make decisions, good or bad. Of all the problems in society everyone of them come back to what actions we decide to make in our life as individuals and as a society. To understand what motivates the decision making process is the first essential step to understanding if not resolving many problems in society. I think that all people have at least an understanding of why others react in many different situations because we all have the same natural instinctive thinking process. Although, I am unsure if this natural instinct stays the same or if it evolves throughout a persons' life. If it does evolve, is it also a natural thing that everyone experiences on some level, or is it something that society teaches us to do for the greater good of the human population.

Instinctive thinking is probably at its purest state in children.

Children from 1 to 4 years of age have a very limited knowledge of how to conduct themselves in society. They have not had time to learn the social standards of their time. So with this limited knowledge, children will consistently react to situations in a similar way that can only be explained by an instinctive nature. Have young children changed their behavior since the 1700's? I suppose any child from any culture at any time in history would cry when it was upset, physically take whatever it wanted, need a certain amount of love and attention, and also be interested in exploring things outside of it's bounds. I feel that all of these instinctive behaviors seen in young children are emotions that I, as a young adult, have somehow came to deal wit as a part of society. Certainly other children, adolescents, and...