Exploring ocean transportation focused on freight forwarder

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1

2. Transport Process2

3. Market situation 3

3.1 Current situation3

3.2 Route4

3.3 Market share/Players/Top 5 Companies4

4. What does customer want from carriers?5

5. Strategy using in leading company 6

6. Business risk in Ocean Freight Industry 8

6.1 Demand Function 8

6.2 Contract 10

6.3 Price 11

7. Intermodal: Direction for the future13

8. Conclusions14


The Global Trade exists at the age of Christopher Columbus, a man who opened the 'New World' up for exploration by European Traders. During the 1400s and 1500s were times of great world exploration. Explorers and traders from countries all over Europe and Asia set out around the world in search of adventure, knowledge, new trade routes and new products.

European and Asian traders had been trading among each other for hundreds of years before this. They had traveled using land route, the Silk Road and camel caravans to move goods from place to place.

But the new sea route around Africa was quicker and safer. It led to an explosion of world trade that involved people in all over the world.

Transportation is a significant part of doing business globally. Freight logistic companies nowadays have to adapt themselves to serve customers' need which is endless. Customers have become global, they require global support and multimodal capabilities. They are interested to use fewer service providers to extend cooperation and communication among modes and between carriers to them.

The role of the freight forwarder is changing from an agent who arranges transportation and prepares shipping documentation to a provider of the whole range of additional value-added services to shippers. At the same time, many forwarders are merging with large logistics companies to become part of one-stop-shop specialist companies.

The advance in communication network and technology extend...