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TABLE OF CONTENT Page Literature Review 1 Name & Contact Details of Interviewee 9 Company background 10 South Seas Trading Pty Ltd 10 Pisconeri Fine Food And Wine Merchants Pty Ltd 10 C.N.A International Import And Export Co. 11 Study and analysis of respondents answer to questionnaires. 13 South Seas Trading Pty Ltd. 13 Pisconeri Fine Foods And Wine Merchants PTY Ltd. 15 C.N.A. International Import And Export Co. 17 Analysis of Respondents answer to Questionnaires 19 Recommendation: 24 For C.N.A International Import And Export Co. 24 For South Seas Trading Pty Ltd. 24 For Pisconeri Fine Food And Wine Merchants Pty Ltd 25 References: 26 Appendix 1: The Questions Asked A1 Appendix 2: Answers to Questions A2 Literature Review Tradeshows are becoming of more importance in many organizational communications mix. Behind advertising, tradeshows account for one fifth of total marketing communications budget in the US and approximately one-fourth of the budget for European firms (Gopalakrishna, Lilien, Williams & Sequeira, 1995 & Jacobson, 1990).

This report will analyse why tradeshows are becoming a more utilized marketing tool and how it contributes to achieving organizational objectives. The analysis will be broken up into two major sections, the first will analyse the strategic significance of trade shows for sustainable competitive advantage and the latter half will explore the guidelines to exhibiting a good trade show.

There are two main types of trade shows that organizations can participate in, and these are horizontal and vertical. A horizontal trade show exhibits a wide variety of products. An example of this is the Hamburg Fair, which exhibits everything in consumer and industrial goods. The other is vertical trade show, which is product specific; it may be limited; for example, to medical, computer or electronics. Electronica is an example of a vertical trade show held each...