This is an exposition essay using a lot of examples to talk about the crappy things president George W Bush has done.

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George W. Bush has been the most destructive politician / president in the history of the United

States. Since Bush has taken political office, whether it has been governor, president, or anything

else, he has done a huge amount of damage. Under his leadership our economy is in a state of

confusion, our integrity has dropped tremendously, and our environmental laws are slowing being

lost. Not to mention that many people see our leader as a man on a power trip doing what will

help him and not what will help this country. By selecting Bush as our leader not only are we

suffering the consequences, but so are people in other countries.

Before Bush was put into office he did plenty of things that should have made people

realize that he would not be the ideal man to run our country. He produced a gory Hollywood

slasher B movie.

Then he went on to run for congress, with practically no political experience of

his own and of course lost. Next, he bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas; he

sold all his stock and then the company went bankrupt. Baseball is what really made Bush rich. He

decided to buy the Texas Rangers baseball team, using taxpayer money and land. He had a

stadium built and convinced the city to pay for everything. When someone else came along

wanting to buy the team he simply cashed out, and walked away rich. Finally, with the help of his

father's name, he was elected governor of Texas.

As governor of Texas, Bush made a lot of changes for the worse. To start off he changed

the policy to let convicted criminals have government jobs. Bush definitely set the record for the

most executions ever while he was...