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My Expository Essay on Speed ReadingMy Expository Essay is on learning to "speed read" and the benefits of speed reading. Speed reading will help throughout life. Speed reading will help get through life's challenges with homework, reading assignments, work reading and reading for pleasure in a rapidly, more effective way. We often have to read a huge amount for school and work, it is required that we comprehend this information and be able to comment on it, this speed reading provides the ability to do this. Speed reading will help with read through instructions or manuals with an understanding to perform many procedures. This is especially helpful when people can not find enough time in a busy schedule to read for enjoyment, think of how many books can be read using this program. Being able to speed read can give extra time a person would not have as a slow reader.

Imagine the things that can be done within a busy lifestyle for the person whom can speed read.

Another benefit that we should not overlook is using speed reading to help teach English to "English as a second language" students. As stated by Melvin Ng (2006) ESL students who can speed read have a far greater chance of comprehending the English language and are more inclined to stick to learning English. This is an additional way to help us conquer the language barriers!This program was introduced by Evelyn Wood as the new way of reading to the world. She learned how to read quickly by watching fast readers. One day while she was fishing or rather feeding bait to the fish via hook she was reading and accidentally discovered that when she held her hand a certain way, she could read quickly. She developed a system that...