An expository essay written on the topic of affirmative action. Account is based on fact and not author's opinion. Simply entitled as "Affirmative Action: the Facts"

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Although a concrete definition of "affirmative action" should be easily found, research results turn up definitions with biased views included. One of the most objective definitions comes from The Human Rights Resource Center: "The use of racial, ethnic, or linguistic preferences in recruitment to jobs, hiring, admissions, and contracting." On the surface, affirmative action sounds like a great plan, until it is recognized that by enforcing affirmative action you are then discriminating against a majority, which is certainly not fair. As it applies to young adults, affirmative action may likely play a vital role in the direction of their life after high school. Many colleges, less and less by the day, use affirmative action to decide which students will receive admission into their university. Some white students will be rejected from college this year, not because they are unqualified, but because they are simply white. In Affirmative Action: A Review of Psychological and Behavioral Research, it is found that "Majority members typically view women and minorities selected through AAPs [affirmative action programs] to be less competent than those selected without affirmative action".

Affirmative action causes majority, non-targeted groups to have derogatory feelings towards those who only receive their position (job related or college admissions related) because of affirmative action programs. It is not fair for an unqualified person to be a superior to a qualified person, and society should not accept this dogma. Minority groups continue to claim that affirmative action achieves diversity. AAP's are generally not wanted by the public and yet they have become so prominent in society. They only thing that AAP's have ever truly achieved is to create complete discord among racial and gender specific groups. The programs antagonize targeted persons that, in turn, make them turn against the program that got them their position in...