Expository Writing Assignment (11th grade) : Observe person and from their actions/behaviors imagine what their life is like (People Search)

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Final Draft

People Search

Chip is a business executive of a major corporation on 100 Cosby Street, in the town of Bedford, Massachusetts. Chip has had a couple of problems with his new-found position as an CEO of a major and global corporation, and will be in big trouble after people get hold of the records and the files of his mistakes that he has just made on the job. As this being his 2nd year of running and holding the title of the CEO this company, Chip, himself knows that after the company finds out or worse the media gets hold of the information, then this 2nd year might be his last year, of not only working in this company but also his career of running any a company will go down the drain.

Chip has had a good eight year of education at some of the most well-known universities in the United States, after he got out of high school.

But running a company is much harder than it appears to be in the text-books, and Chip has found that out the hard way by making a huge mistake in this risky business. Everything that he has studied for and has been learned can't even come close to the danger that Chip is in right now.

Charles D. Dugley is the name that almost nobody has heard of or calls him by anymore. Even Charles himself does not recognize when someone calls him by the name 'Charles' sometimes. The reason for this is because the nick-name Chip has been given to him by his parents since he was little boy for many reasons and has decided that he likes this name better than the name that he was born with Charles Dugley. So he was brought up...