Expository Writing (Tell about the greatest gift you have ever received-fictitious/humor)

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The greatest gift is one that comes from the heart. In my case, this statement applies in a very literal manner. The greatest gift of my life was receiving three pints of blood from an emergency volunteer donor. This event took place shortly after receiving life-threatening gunshot wounds to the torso one afternoon in Compton, California. It was at a nearby hospital where I received my blood transplant which saved my life. This is truly the best gift I have ever received, and I am so grateful for it.

Shortly after noon, on what appeared to be a normal day in the hood of Compton, I was making my usual pass by the corner store to purchase a couple of forties. On the sidewalk opposite of the street, I noticed an extremely attractive woman about 5'5" with perfect curves and caramel skin walking along, wearing an extremely revealing outfit.

I watched in awe as she moved gracefully down the avenue, strutting every step. A few seconds later, her pace slowed as she approached a pink 1964 Cadillac parked on the curb and exchanged a few words with the driver. For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Suddenly, the man in the car opened the door and backhanded the woman in the face, knocking her instantly to the ground. Acting on impulse, I ran over to her aid and pulled the attacker off of her. The man quickly gained his balance once more and shouted at me using extremely profane language. I turned to face him, ready to fight, when I noticed a chrome Glock 44 aimed directly at my chest. I had no time to react and before I knew it, I heard three consecutive thunderous booms protrude from the gun. My stability faded as...