Expressing Emotions Appropriately: Effective Communication in the work place

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Effective Communication

Expressing Emotions Appropriately

Expressing feelings, dealing with problems, and moving on can be a difficult challenge. This is particularly true in high stress environments. Aside from general responsibilities, this is further aggravated by the downsizing, restructuring, and multi-tasking that is occurring in many of today's businesses. The occasional expression of emotional behavior is not necessarily a negative thing except when it becomes so amplified or recurs so often that it prevents people from dealing rationally and productively with those around them. An expression of emotion may be an important cue that something is interfering with an employee's ability to work effectively. One cannot always control what happens but one can learn to interpret and manage feelings productively.

Emotions are categorized, celebrated, repressed, adored, ignored, and medicated - but rarely, if ever, are they honored. Rarely, if ever, are they seen, as energies in there own right. Emotions are not simply functions of brain chemistry - they are vital flowing forces that can help us communicate with others if used effectively.

I am very emotional person so I can relate thoroughly with the problem of expressing emotions. Often in the work force you are expected to leave all your emotions at home and come prepared to do a task but how can one work with out emotion.

I am presently employed in a high stress work environment. I am the log coordinator for Fox Sports Net Houston Operational center. On a daily basis tempers flair and the work environment can become extremely hostile. The responsibility of airing the correct commercials, which provide the company's revenue, is a large burden. We work as team structure so the many different attitudes and personalities often clash. Just last week the master control operator rolled a commercial during a baseball that was incorrect,