Extend minimum wage

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Zarbab Siddiqui

ENG4U0 - Mr. Panwar

Oral Essay

Extend Minimum Wage

Hello ladies and gentleman, citizens of Canada. Today I will be speaking on your behalf as a troubled individual, who believes in the same goal as you do; who believes that minimum wage should be more than it currently is. Through the amount of time and effort and countless hours of work we put in everyday; we receive a small check which seems puny, insignificant and worthless to us by the end of the day. We cannot comprehend the understanding of why minimum wage is put to such a low standard. However through our voices and struggles, we as troubled individuals; we as people who need to support others; we as groups of individuals in need of assistance in life, can all work together and break the limit of minimum wage.

The importance of money should not be taken lightly, since many of us have gone through many hardships and struggles that have left them penniless.

Without the minor jobs left for these poor souls, they would not even be able to stand another night on the streets. Not only are these individuals being affected, but so are the tonnes of families these hard workers have to support and take care off each day and night. With only the minimum wage, mothers and fathers barely have enough money to feed themselves let alone their families. We need better wages in order for us to support and live with our families even if our lives only improve by a little.

Our economy recovery can also help if we get our minimum wage to be increased. Through us we can help the nation's economy to grow and prosper, unlike the tonnes of wealthy people who only know how to hoard...