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Lisa Bouska

English 391

"Madness is the divinest sense."

- Alice In Wonderland

Madness is indeed the divinest sense. Crazy is supposedly "affected with

madness" (Bartleby.com). Crazy is a cop-out, an excuse for stupid behavior. Crazy is

also said to be the less potent form of psychotic. They say less potent, but crazy behavior

is scarier. Psychosis has definite diseases and disorders that cause it. Crazy has no

known specific psychological roots.

"Your love's got me lookin' so crazy right now," lyrics from Beyonce.

Craziness can be caused by other people. Crazy is an excuse for those who do

incredibly foolish things because they're "in-love". Such as buying gifts for the not-

really-deserving-of-gifts type of people. Lying, to others and oneself or otherwise "moon-

struck" And, did I forget to mention those "lovely" stalkers and obsessed types? Just

think of Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction".

"Crazy is as crazy does."

My definition of crazy is an adjective describing a state of being; caused by life's

hectic schedule, bizarre or unusual, attempting things that few else would try, and or in

abundance of.

Here are some examples; The kids are making me crazy. I have crazy assignments to get

done. They're crazy for jumping out of a plane.

The list of slang words and phrases are so abundant that I have listed only a few for a

general idea; mad, goofy, lunatic, eccentric, nut, wierdo, psycho, absurd, senseless, laughable, demented, insane, loony, goofy, wacko, crackpot, cockeyed, unsound, dippy,

dopey, foolish, fruity, nutty, loco, gaga, mad, demented, fervent, enthusiastic, infatuated,

obsessed, impractical, intense, and by now I'm sure you get the idea.

Non Compos Mentis (legal term for crazy on Bartleby.com)

Crazy has no firm word root or origin, but it is believed to be derived from the

word psychosis, which is...