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Pain, suffering usually localized physical suffering associated with bodily disorder or an acute mental or emotional distress, presents itself in many ways throughout Emily Bronte's story Wuthering Heights. When someone thinks of pain, they most often relate pain to the aftermath of a strenuous activity or situation, whether it be falling on the ground and experiencing pain, or by feeling sad for losing a special someone. While many of the characters battle and fight pain, most of the characters in Wuthering Heights are suffice to particularly either an emotional pain or a physical pain. To fully gain knowledge and a deeper insight into Bronte's main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, in Wuthering Heights, one must acknowledge the presence of emotional and physical pain.

A physical pain can affect someone in many ways. For instance, a broken leg can procure a physical struggle for the ability to carry on daily tasks, as well as to bring upon an emotional sadness.

Pain attracts relativity, pain reacts to every part of the human body. Pain also affects not only the person feeling pain however it can affect those people surrounding the ill. Words that relate to pain in similarity, ache, misery, pang, only resemble a small part of the universe that pain represents. Antonyms of pain, help, aid, comfort, take care of...only relive what the meaning of pain stand for.

Heathcliff, the main character in Wuthering Heights, undergoes many moments of physical and emotional pain, especially undergoing emotional pain. Whether from a physical action, or from suffering a pain of loss, pain represents the entirety of Heathcliff's feelings. To relate to pain, an ache, which relates to pain, only describes a small part of what pain shows in its entirety. A misery closely resembles Heathcliffs feelings throughout the book,