To what extent can the existence of social order be explained in term of the functionalist concept of value consensus?

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Social order can be defined as a stable system of s social institutions that bring about the regular patterns of shared,stable and predictable behavior.It refers to a set of linked social structures ,social institutions,social practices which conserve,maintain and enforce "normal" way of relating and behaving,Functionalist theory assumes that a certain degree of order and stability is essential for the survival of social systems.Without it,society may expose to chaos and disorder.An example showing that society cannot function due to chaos is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,looting ,violence and other criminal activity become rampant in the state of confusion and lawlessness.Therefore,social order is essential for society to function in harmony,Value consensus is on agreement about values by members of society,refers to shared norms and values,which provide the foundation for cooperation,since common values produce common goals.Functionalists regards social orders as an outcome of value consensus,and behaviour conforms to generally accepted norms.

Functionalists believe that social order exists in the concept of value consensus to a large extent. Many functionalists see shared values as the key to explain the survival of social systems,they state that value consensus integrates the various parts of society. It forms the basis of social unity,or social solidarity,Society,from a functionalist's view,is a system as a whole which made up of interrelated parts. Hence,various part must have some compatibility and involve integration which based on value consensus in order to survive. Emile Durkheim agreed that human beings have unlimited desires. We must find ways in order to satisfy our needs. In order to do this,we must find ways to limit our desires to satisfy them. Emile Durkheim stated that social order is implemented in the set of moral values that has been laid out by society. Therefore,society molds the way human beings interact. People learn how...