To what extent can Stalin be held responsible for the Cold War?

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Stalin only holds a half of the blame for the start of the cold war.

There were a lot of contributing factors which came from the USA USSR and GB (France did not play such a big role in the origin of the cold war). The second incident that is worth noting is that after the presidential elections in the USA the new president goes up to Stalin and tells him about the atomic bomb evidently trying to scare the living daylights out of Stalin. Although Truman didn't quite manage the desired effect the cold war definitely started there. The USA goes on to bomb Japan with the 2 Nuclear weapons showing the world how powerful these weapon really are. After this Stalin get's worried and the arms race begins so much so that Stalin creates entire cities devoted to creating the atomic bomb for the USSR.

Yet it is not only the USA and GB that contribute to the beginning of the cold war as mentioned above the USSR and therefore Stalin is also to blaim.

He systematically took over Eastern Europe using the inaccuracy of terms to his advantage. He held elections as agreed but no ones said anything about elections where capitalist governments were allowed to be elected. Stalin made sure that there were only Communist candidates and any country which disobeyed had the leaders and senior members of the capitalist parties executed and murdered. Stalin just said that he did not want to be attacked as easily as he was before i. E. Poland letting the Germans through their country meaning that the USSR had to take the brunt of the German attack. This had infuriated Stalin and he did not want this to happen again. So he wanted "Friendly countries around the USSR" in other...