To what extent changes in organisations should be carefully planned and monitored?

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1.0 Introduction.

Nowadays, all organisations must be face changes, which are often connected with new things, or they will be dominated from competition. After all, they need to change in fashion or taste, se as to keep pace with their customer selection and with its competitors.

Typically, the concept of organisational change is in regard to organisation-wide change, as opposed to smaller changes such as adding a new person, modifying a program, etc (McNamara n.d.). Change is a pervasive influence. We are all subject to continual change of one form or another. Change is an inescapable pant of both social and organisatonal life (Mullins 2002,p.818).

Companies no longer have a choice-they must change to survive (Kreiter & Kinick 1998,p.614). Needless to say, many organizations reeling under the pressures caused by a combination of fast-changing market conditions, the change brought about in these situation are typically superficial, with benefits short lives.

Unfortunately, people often resist change. Change is hard work and it is almost always reactive. For this, the staffs need to know about future changes and reasons for them; of course, everyone likes to know where they stand and what they should do in their job.

2.0 Forces of change

Organisation change (change ate the enterprise-wide level) is provoked by a major outside driving force that will cause an evolution to the next level in the corporate in the cycle (McNamara n.d.). In broad terms, every company in the face of some force change in order to survive.

Organisations encounter many different forces for change. Theses forces come from external sources outside the organization and from internal sources (Kreiter & Kinick 1998,p.164). There are external and internal forces of change for every orgnisation.

2.1 External forces

External forces for change originate outside the organisation. Because these forces have...