To what extent did Germany change during the Great Depression?

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Al Lewis said, "During the Depression, people were getting evicted, ten a day. We used to come along and break the lock and put the furniture back in again." He described the awful situation that people where in during the Great Depression. People were too poor to have luxurious things and furniture. This mainly started because of the Wall Street Crash in 1929. The Stock Market collapse within 5 days and October 29, 1929 many workers lost their job, because there was not enough money to run 100 000 American companies so they had to close . America had to ask back for the loans they gave to may countries around the world, including Germany. This all effected Germany very hard because with the American money ordered back the Germans had to pay the loans and the reparations . Although the Great Depression in Germany only occurred from 1929 to 1933, it led to inflation, it was another good reason for the rise of Hitler, and the children did not know what was happening and why they were so poor.

This Essay will talk further about the economical, political and social influence of the Great Depression on Germany and its citizens.


After the Great Depression started many people were in a desperate need of a strong leader. .why? what would a strong leader achieve? The more the unemployment rate grew the more did the support for Hitler grow. It grew because the Weimar Republic did not know how to solve the economical problem in Germany, the Great Depression , and Hitler promised every German citizen whatever they wanted. Most wanted to have the pride to be repair which was damaged after the Treaty of Versailles. He said he would "restore German honour by tearing up the hated Treaty of...