To what extent did Radio Free Europe actively encourage the Hungarian Revolution of 1956?

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[1]. Subject of investigation-To what extent did radio free Europe actively encourage the Hungarian Revolution of 1956?

[2].Methods of investigation

Most of the research that will be obtained for this investigation will be in the form of Secondary sources. These secondary sources will be from books written specifically about the Hungarian Revolution. The secondary sources will be examined due to their contrasting views on the subject so all angles of the topic can be examined.

Articles from the internet will be selected in accordance with their detail on Radio Free Europe, the Hungarian Revolution and other areas relating directly to these topics. Articles which focus on Radio Free Europe's responsibility in actively encouraging the Revolution will be paid specific attention to.

Official production reports from RFE will be critically examined in order to find evidence in accordance with the outcome of the research question.

The evidence found from these sources will be used to determine the extent of Radio Free Europe's role in actively inciting the Revolution in Hungary.


Two sources:

(I). Irving, David, ed. 1981. Uprising! One Nations Nightmare 1981. London. Hodder and Stoughton,ltd.

This book was written by a world renowned historian, David Irving. Irving is a valuable source as a writer because he was the first western historian to be allowed access to the archives in Budapest containing information on the Hungarian Revolt. He has interviewed numerous high ranking officials that witnessed the uprising including the Budapest chief of Police and the commander of Russian Troops that crushed the uprising.

The value of the source lies in its detail of events and first hand new information brought forward about Radio Free Europe. The book has been meticulously researched and David Irving has used a large amount of sources...