To what extent do new media technologies deliver new experiences for audiences?

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New media technologies have presented audiences with a wide variety of different experiences today. The audience is more involved. It is based around what they want and these technologies offer something new and exciting for them to explore which has not yet been done. For example, digital television, which offers an innovative feature known as interactivity. This is a new experience because before audiences were only able to navigate which channels they wanted to watch. Television was linear which meant that the audience could simply watch the programme form start to finish. However digital tv has enabled the audience to be involved with the programmes with the aid of non – linearity by pushing ‘the red button’, the audience is taken out of the main programme.

Digital television also presents audiences with not having to keep with the schedule in order to view the programmes they want to watch, sky plus offers the chance to record a programme without the need to use a video recorder therefore rescheduling their viewing to a preferred time.

This technology also enables the audiences to pause linear programmes or live coverage’s such as football matches. When they press play they are able to continue watching format he paused point. This is seen as having a greater penetration.

A greater choice is also a new experience. Instead of having five basic channels, audiences are able to choose for hundreds of channels, which includes niche channels. These are channels to meet all different audiences. This issue of a personally controlled experience is also represented in dvds, as before with digital television it is a unique and more interactive experience because unlike the linearity of a video cassette there is amore navigational aspect. By this I mean that audiences have the option of scene selections unlike...