To what extent is it fair to say that World War 1 wasn't worth it?

Essay by Lotsis March 2005

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The aim of this of essay is to discuss the consequences of World War 1 in Europe, and using different types of evidence to prove whether the war was an entirely bad thing or not.

The war left its marks on the people of Europe as well as on the land. The trenches in France and Belgium are an ugly sight, not to mention the devastation of the fighting areas all around. The worst thing, though, isn't anywhere to be seen. The traumas of those who survived, the grief of those who lost their loved ones and the frustration of those who were left permanently paralysed or disabled after being injured at battle and seeing things worth of having nightmares. The only good thing about the grieving, injuries and mental illnesses was that now people could respond with relative gravity, while before the war people had been excited and thrilled of going to war.

The WW1 was the debut of gas warfare. Also machine guns and artillery were established, causing almost 10 million deaths. It might have been possible to avoid a number this high if people had gotten used to the device and would have known what was coming, but the worst problem was that the new, 20th century technology and equipment were handled and faced with 19th century mentality and tactics. After the war, technology developed more, leading to even deadlier weapons for WW2. The good thing about this was that whereas war technology improved, the people invented and improved a whole lot of other things as well, such as surgery. The doctors were forced to invent new and faster ways of operating and more survived which led to a higher living standard.

One of the great negative sides of war is that it costs a lot of...