To what extent is Friar Lawrence responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death? Shakespeare- Romeo & Juliet

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Everybody who had relationship with Romeo and Juliet were some kind of responsible for their deaths. They were also some people, who did not want this to happen, and they wanted to help them but things went completely wrong. One of those people was Friar Lawrence.

Friar was a priest in a church. He was a very good, kind and a good friend of both of the families. He had very good relationship with Romeo. They were like father and son. Romeo respected him very much and Friar took care and solved his problems. Whenever Romeo was worried or had a problem, he would be always at Friar's place. Friar was always trying both of the families to be friends and stop hating each other.

He was very worried about Romeo and Juliet. He always wanted Romeo and Juliet to be happy and have a very happy life.

However, sometimes he thought that it could also turn into a problem because they were from different families not only that, the two families hated each other more than anything. He could never see Romeo sad because of something, which he could solve.

He could always tell the families about their two children but he never wanted to do it because he knew their love was true, they could never live without each other and he could not betray them.

Friar did some things, which he should not have done, but he did it for the sake of Romeo and Juliet. The very first thing is that he never told the parents about their children. He never did that because he knew the two children could live without each other. The second thing was that he gave the potion to Juliet who made her look like she was dead...