To what extent has studying the concept of physical journeys expanded your understanding of yourself, of individuals and of the world?

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The exploration of the concept of physical journeys has allowed a deeper understanding of the experiences and obstacles that individuals have to face and overcome. A better understanding of physical journeys has also enabled individuals to acknowledge and accept that they will encounter problems throughout their journey they undertake within their lives which can also affect others around them and ultimately the world as a whole. This concept of physical journeys is explored in various texts such as Peter Skrzynecki's "Crossing The Red Sea" and in "Journeys over land and sea." Both texts have delved into the characteristics of physical journeys and their importance in expanding a better understanding of oneself and essentially can influence how individuals view the world.

Physical journeys can allow individuals to have a better grasp in acknowledging the opportunities that it may provide towards individuals. They are able to provide a sense of challenge and a new environment which can be experienced by individuals who are undertaking it.

This journey they embark upon may not only challenge them physically but can also challenge them mentally and spiritually and also help them move forward in their lives. This idea or concept can be seen in Skrzynecki's "Crossing the Red Sea," where it delved into the poets experiences in migrating to Australia. In the poem, it describes the persona being on a ship and heading towards Australia and comments on how this journey that the migrants are undertaking has enabled them to open up their feelings and emotions towards each other of their personal experiences. Physical journeys can act as a healing mechanism towards individuals and help them get through the hardships they had experienced throughout their lives. In the poem it describes the transition of the migrants of being able to open up...