To what extent was Jewish resistance efforts helped by the allies or hindered by allied support?

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Generation after generation, Jews and non-Jews alike confront the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity – The Holocaust. Individuals and nations try to comprehend how the larges and most vibrant Jewish settlement that thrived in Europe for a millennium was eradicated in a matter of years. Jewish resistance became fierce driven by the sheer will to survive from their oppressors. Jewish resistance coordinated with the allied power to make it much more effective but the allied power didn’t always show support to the Jews and sometimes hid their support instead.

In 1942 Szenes joined the British army and volunteered to be parachuted in Europe. The purpose of this operation was to help the Allied effort and establish contact with partisan resistance fighter in an attempt to bring aid to stranded or cut off Jewish communities. [ ] This shows just many of the allied operations that were conducted to help Jewish resistance.

Havivah Reik also volunteered for the parachute unit she was one of thirty – two who actually were parachuted over Europe. [ ] Immediately after the landing of the Allies in North Africa, the allies supposedly worked to restore Jewish right. Jewish civil rights were not restored immediately in Morocco and Tunisia after the allied invasion. Even after the allied invasion attacks and arrests were common for Jews in Morocco. [ ] Also the Vichy government failed to release many foreign Jewish refugees interned in camps as political or forced laborers. [ ]In Europe Jewish Resistance had begged the allies to bomb the Auschwitz line so the deportation of Jews could cease. The answer of the allies was that they could not reach the destination of that target but there had been proof of planes just out of distance to Auschwitz by a mile. Instead they were bombing...