To what extent is our sense perception a reliable source of knowledge?

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To what extent is our sense perception a reliable source of knowledge?

Ramelia Merritt 10/27/14

To start with, using our senses many possibilities for knowledge are openedto us. Our senses have some limitations that prevent us from our knowledge. But what is knowledge? Generally, knowledge is a term that a lot of people accept when they want to say that they know something. More specifically, knowledge for meis when I can not only know something, but when I can understand something. Knowledge is when I can answer the question "why?" or "so what?". Also, I can understand the word "knowledge" as a way how I perceive the world around me. My senses help me to have "knowledge". But what are "senses"?. Every person has almost five senses. These are touching, hearing, smelling, sight and tasting. But there are many people who support the opinion that they have the sixth sense. This sense is about having some views or dreams. Many other people believe that this sense does not exist. Unfortunately, there are some people who are blind or deaf. That means that they don't have a sense of all these five. Using the word "sense" I mean the ability that people have to understand and perceive the world around them.

So, understanding all these possibilities for knowledge that are opened to us by our senses are numerous. Using our senses, we can learn, understand and the most importantly, we perceive how the world around us looks. So senses are a way to "see" our world. This has as a result to learn our world. Using or sense of sight we can understand if something is beautiful or we can see the color that something has. Using our sense of hearing we can understand if we like something using a different...