To What Extent, the Period between 1906-1917 Saw No Prospect of Revolution in Russia?

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The year of 1917 marked a great historical upheaval in Russia. The revolution Movement led to the final downfall of the Czarist Dynasty, it was followed by a short-life Provincial Government. Many Marxist Interpreters were interested in analyzing the downfall of the dynasty. They gave a similar conclusion that is the Czar was overthrown by his autocracy and the entry of the WWI, Bolsheviks and socialists were destined to succeed of the revolution little hope. "True, after October Manifesto, the Czar really succeed in stabilizing his authority, unfortunately, the entry of the WWI changed his ascendancy and re-gave socialists a prospect of revolution.

The period between 1905-1912 saw the revival of the Czarist autocracy. The Russian Government had restored the order by October Manifesto, it saw there was no more prospect for revolution the situation gave the revolutionaries and Lenin little hope. But it was just an apparent peace and stability.

In the first place, the brilliant minister Stolypin saved the monarch. In the light of 1905 Revolution he realized that the peasantry was a buffer against revolution. The agrarian policy was introduced in 1906, mainly aimed at creating a class of peasantry, leading to class struggle between proletariat and peasants, smashing the unity of opposition. Land was redistributed among the farmers, Siberia was colonized, American style farming organization and technique was introduced and the heavy redemption dues were abolished. Peasants were emancipated. By the improvement of peasantry livelihood, it is possible for the old order to regain support and smash the radical opposition Peace and stability can be realized if the reforms can be efficiently carried out. However, it needed time.

The unity of the society was further promoted by the aggressive foreign policies under the premiership of Stolypin. An intensive Russification was carried out, mostly pointed against...