"To What Extent Is Ralph Bunche's Vision For The International System The Best Benchmark By Which We Should Measure The Effectiveness Of The United Nations Today"

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The Great Seal, perhaps the greatest symbol of peace and freedom appears with George Washington on the dollar bill. (1) On one side of the great seal, the great eagle descends into the world of opposites. On one limb it holds 13 laurel leaves, symbolizing rebirth and peace. On the other limb it holds 13 arrows, symbolizing self defense. You will also notice that the eagle is looking towards the laurel leaves perhaps asking us to use the power of diplomacy to resolve conflicts and spread the message of peace. You use the arrows only when all forms of diplomacy fail. On the other side of the great seal there is an unfinished pyramid, symbolizing the never-ending cycle of life and its challenges. The posterior part of the pyramid is green and the anterior part of the pyramid is barren, symbolizing peace in the U.S and tyranny in Europe (1).

The closest manifestation of this great seal today would be the U.N, our founding fathers helped us realize the beauty of peace and freedom, Ralph J Bunche, the first American ambassador to the U.N following the principles set forth by our founding fathers drew the architectural plan to help the U.N in striving towards it's ultimate goal of finishing the pyramid of global peace.

A person who belongs to the most vilified and persecuted minority in history is not likely to be insensible of the hardships in peace and in war. Ralph J Bunche belonged to this category, he experienced tyranny first hand, when he was young because he was black. Peace to many people can mean different things, politicians debate the meaning of peace, for some peace can mean when you are not at war, for some people peace can mean the state of being happy and joyful.