To what extent was Stalin a disaster to USSR?

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Stalin brought nothing but hardship to the lives of the Soviet people.

How accurate do you think this description of Stalin's rule in the USSR is?Stalin's rule had long-lasting effects on the features that characterized the Soviet state. Yes, Stalin brought nothing but hardship to the lives of the Soviet people. Stalin's rule in the USSR had disastrous effects in certain aspects like industrialization and collectivization. The Soviet people suffered terribly during Stalin's rule. He was determined to build up Soviet Union to be strong enough to resist attacks from the West. He had wanted to develop USSR into an industrial country. Hence, he had many plans for the Soviet Union.

Stalin had GOSPLAN produce a series of five-year plans which set high targets for industrial production, power supply and transport. Industrialization was a major enforcement that mostly brought about disastrous effects on Russia and its people. He has concentrated on steel and iron for machineries and export.

From 1928 to 1932, production of steel rose from 4.0 million tonnes to 5.9 million tonnes. Though there was a significant increase in the production of steel, the target was actually 8.3 million tonnes. That was a target which was not just expected but demanded. However, many of the workers had to work hard without a good environment; also the government had neglected the workers' safety and hygiene. There were no consumer-goods industries. Many of the goods produced were exported out instead of selling the goods in the own country. There were problems of how to feed, how to clothe and how to house vast numbers of workers and families. There was a severe condition of overcrowding, with several families sharing one room and kitchen space in apartment-buildings without proper hygiene and cleanliness. Housing was extremely scarce and many buildings...