To What extent is the thrid man a parabol of the damned

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To What Extent Is The Third Man

A "Parable For The Damned"?

The Third Man by Graham Greene is a mystery novella. It is the story of Rollo Martins who is damned to betray his friend; Harry Lime, in order to find justice. The novella takes place in Vienna during the four-power occupation.

Graham Greene is an English writer, playwright and literary critic. He was one of the select few to have been awarded the Order of Merit and to have been created a Companion of Honour by the Queen. Graham Greene suffered from bipolar disorder which affected his writing. He was born October 2nd 1904 and died April 3rd 1991 of leukemia.

In this essay I use the word: damned, being damned means that you can not be saved; you will go to Hell. Another meaning of the word is; when you are damned you are not able to do anything about what you are damned to be.

Speaking of damned, who in this essay is damned? Why? And importantly, will they ever find redemption?

Throughout the novella, we see the development of Rollo Martins' investigation and how his opinions start to vary. At the beginning of the story Rollo Martins is just a writer who is going to Vienna because he was invited to look after the international refugees by his good friend Harry Lime. Rollo arrives to Vienna to find that his friend is dead.

He meets Colonel Calloway who tells him that Harry was mixed up in a racket and the police was about to arrest him. Rollo is outraged, he thinks the police just wanted to have a responsible and they just took a dead man to pin it on because it was easier. Therefore he decides to investigate to prove Harry was...