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Assignment # 2

Title: An external assessment of Coach Inc.

(A case analysis for 'Accessible Luxury Goods" Industry)

Course information: Strategic Management course

BUS 800-081

Prepared by: Submitted to:

Mohammad Nurul Quader

Student Id: 500542381

Professor Ian Sakinofsky

Ryerson University

Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Date of submission : 10th February 2014

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Case: Coach Inc in 2012: It's Strategy in the "Accessible" Luxury Goods Market.


We are assigned to submit two separate Appendices one for external and other for internal assessments of Coach Inc. First, we are required to complete our external assessment as an Appendix by using appropriate strategic tools from Chapter 3 of our text.

Our Response:

As a first step we would complete our external assessment of the industry related to Coach Inc. We would conduct a Strategic Audit and analyze relevant data and information from the case; and finally summarize our findings to demonstrate the strategic significance of our analysis.

Part1: First, we would identify some of the Industry's dominant economic characteristics related to the luxury goods industry in the following segments:

a. Overall size and market growth rate:

Overall size of luxury market is more than $224 billion as of 2010 while the hand bag and leather accessories segment of the industry was estimated at $28 billion. Currently the growth in luxury goods sales is expected to be 7.8% annually in the China and other emerging markets and it is expected that by 2015 market would be about $350 billion.

b. Number and sizes of buyers and sellers (rivals)

The luxury goods are divided into three categories: Haute-couture is 'custom" product for extremely wealthy customer; as number of customers is limited only few producers sell these exclusive products. Traditional luxury is the...