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A business has many external influences that can affect its overall mission and functions. Such influences may be political, global, economic, legal, media, medical, and nature in itself. These influences may include government departments, regulators, competitors, and trade bodies making it important to identify these at an early stage (Norwich Union, 2005). Because these external influences affect a business' mission critical process, it is evident there is an influence on the business continuity plan of the company as well. The business continuity plan includes the arrangements and procedures to maintain business functions and minimize interruptions when external influences impact a business' capacity to operate (Region of Peel, 2007). This paper will differentiate the roles and impact of formal and informal stakeholders of externally influencing organizations to a business and the business continuity plan.

Many people know that business continuity planning is not a priority for most businesses until something happens.

In order to gain both budget and cooperation during a disaster, businesses lean to external sponsorships like Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Red Cross, and Red Crescent. FEMA is an organization within the United States used to coordinate the response to disaster, which overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities (FEMA.gov, 2008). Red Cross and Red Crescent are international organizations providing humanitarian aide to protect human life and health, ensure respect for the human being, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering without any discrimination (Red Cross, 2003).

Red Cross and Red Crescent are relief assistance missions responding to large-scale emergencies worldwide, where as the President of the United States requests FEMA's assistance after the governor of the state declares a state of emergency. Red Cross and Red Crescent can also take on humanitarian tasks of other nations that are not defined by mandates of the international movement.