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In every organization, there is an overload of changes that may occur internally as well as externally that will effect its management. Much like plenty of other industries in the world, LTO inc. has and will always be forced to evolve in order to remain in competition. Companies like LTO whom accepts and adjusts to the many various factors, will thrive and prosper. Those whom deem it unimportant to the company needs and goals will vanish into obscurity. These various factors such as rapid change, globalization, E-Business, and diversity are in part responsible for how LTO Inc. management must delegate in planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization in order to continue to move forward.

Rapid Change

We at LTO Inc recognize the ability to be able to change directions on a dime. We encourage our employees to seek out new, exciting, and motivating technology that will enhance our corporations' ability to provide our customers with state of the art and cutting-edge technology that allows our business to grow, and maximize our profits.

An example of this is demonstrated in launching our latest high-speed network that utilizes Cingular Wireless new 3G technology that now gives our employees the ability to access the company's intranet as well as the internet from anywhere within the Bay Area.

LTO is proud to be a leader in project innovation. We utilize the four functions of management everyday in our business; it keeps us running strong in today's market and allows us the ability to search for the needs of tomorrow.

Planning: We developed a plan of record that we updated weekly. Organizing and Leading: Our leadership team is dedicated to surrounding ourselves with professional, dedicated, diverse, and well-trained employees who recognize the need to be able to move quickly on mission critical projects, and...