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In every organization there is a plethora of changes that may occur that will effect its management. Much like plenty of other industries in the world, the telephony industry has gone through many transformations in order to better communication. TRCA's management (Telecom Remarketing Corporation of America) has been effected by these changes as of late because it is a nationwide service and maintenance provider and distributor of Nortel and Avaya telephony products. These factors such as rapid change, technology, and innovation are in part responsible for how TRCA management must delegate in planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization in order to continue to prosper.

A company can be negatively affected when internal changes take place, especially if the rapid change leaves employees floundering with fresh objectives. TRCA recently appointed the owner's brother to the position of sales manager from the operations department. The new sales manager immediately made several changes that were not well received, and as a result, seven of the top producers in sales left the company.

This in part was due to a lack of planning. An effective manager will involve his team in the planning process. This manager did not communicate with the sales team even though the established alterations directly affected their compensation plan. The sales staff was told that their new compensation plan would require a quota of 30 contacts a day; and if they did not sign an agreement stating they would comply with this new rule, they were to leave the company. "Companies need to develop programs to assist employees' adaptation to major changes in the workplace....they should also strive to make employees involved in the process of change". (DeStefano, 1996) Perhaps the company would not have lost valuable employees if this had been considered prior to such a rapid...