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Organizational Behavior Forces

Businesses, just as people, have many forces that manipulate and form the behavior of an entire organization. Much concern is placed on whether behavior within an organization is caused internally or externally. According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn (2005), authors of Organizational Behavior, "internal causes are believed to be under an individual's control" while "external causes are seen as coming from outside a person" (p. 156). Oddly enough, determining whether a cause is internal or external has its own influences from distinctiveness (how consistent a person's behavior is across different situations), consensus (how likely all those facing a similar situation are to respond in the same way), and consistency (whether an individual responds the same way across time) (Schermerhorn et al, 2005, p. 156-157). How a company reacts, adapts and manages internal and external forces will determine the overall success of the organization.

Restructuring is a force with both internal and external causes that greatly affect organizational behavior.

Changes in the work setting add stress upon some workers who view any change as stressful. The same holds true for the staff of Disability Law Center (DLC), which specializes in Social Security Disability claims. Since DLC's atmosphere is rather high-paced and detail oriented, job functions necessitate a structured routine. Reforming work routines create instant loss of focus and delay in completing tasks for those who relate change with stress. From a disability standpoint, in accordance with the Social Security Administration (1985), "[T]he reaction to the demands of work (stress) [sic] is highly individualized, and mental illness is characterized by adverse responses to seemingly trivial circumstances. The mentally impaired may cease to function effectively when facing such demands. . ." (p. 4). In this instance, restructuring is determined to be an internal cause that is distinctive and consistent to...