The Extinction of Distinction

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Religions‘Why has God forsaken me?’ this is the cryThis is a cry of a man who died on the cross for the cause of god. This is the cry of the mothers whose children have been killed. This is the cry of the fathers looking through the rubble for their loved ones. This is the cry of a girl raped by the soldiers supposedly protecting her. This is the cry of the son dying on a battlefield created for men.

And who is listening to this cry?Is God really listening?Indeed this is not really his fault is it? The clergy men who have reigned with power over the world for generations, consuming the hearts of the sincere in the fire of separation have the world to answer for. Because fighting and the creation of war torn countries and forlorn plains has become a part of us, yes fighting, fighting for the same cause.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All fighting the same cause.

But who is suffering well let me tell it isn’t the priests and people who create disunity instead it is the poor civilians who believe in the work of these leaders.

We see Sunni’s and Shi’s fighting against each other, but the silly thing is has anyone thought for a second ‘wait aren’t we from the same religion’ for centuries the protastants and Catholics fought each other and yet they both have recoginsed Jesus as the sun of God. Fine let us say for a second that it is okay to fight ourselves, but then again is it ok for us to fight others?For people seem to think that the messengers of the past are not enough to believe in god for they bereft of discriminate to see god with their own eyes and hear his melody with their own ears.

But did god not send Moses to bring justice and a promised land to the Egyptians who with a stutter in his tongue was able to create havoc and overthrow the pharaoh and his army. And did not god send Christ to teach the Jews again of what Moses had taught them of love and justice. And did not Muhammad come and show the pagans the way after 40 years of torcher? All these messengers of the past and the ones of before and the ones to come have had one simple message. Love, peace, justice and unity. Yet today all we see is thee opposite and all fought in the name of God.

But do not think for a moment that I am saying the religion it self is wrong or corrupted for no religion of god can be such a thing, it is the people and the priests who have become corrupted by the power which religion has allowed them to have. For example many of us believe today that Islam is a religion of hate and fighting however Muhammad himself has said Christians are the friends of the Muslims and he himself went through 40 years of torture before god allowed him to fight back.

It is the selfish desires of man and the pull of the material world has allowed man to reach the position it is, to have power and to use its power in unacceptable ways.

For we to, yes us in this room have been moved for you see in the news the media showing bombers in the name of Allah, and the number of American soldiers dead but have you ever wondered how many innocent civilians have died from the hands of both?I say let there be no god if he is to be the reason why man has become corrupted by the false whisperings of the material world and its power.

But I also have hope that the suffering that the sons of god have gone through will not be a of no point that from the darkness of suffering the rose of love shall bloom in our hearts and we will have no choice but to accept it give up our pride and live in a world that was promised by our messengers.

Thank youBy Theresa Tezengi