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Some people think we should get rid of extra-curricular activities. they say it costs too much money and it is a waste of time. I think they are very beneficial. first, they give kids something to do after school. For those two hours between after school and dinner time, teh kids are doing something productive instead of hanging out downtown and possibly getting into trouble.It is true that extra-curricular activities cost a lot of money. unigorms, facilities,equipment, and other things need to be bought and maintained every year, but every activity has many fundraisers to help with the cost. It also helps benefit teh community. Many old people love to get out of the house and go to a chorus concert or a play. Everyone likes to go to a Friday night football game or a basketball game on Tuesday night. Extra-curricular activities also benefit the students academically.

Studies have shown that music helps students in math and science, so it does not make sense to take away extra-curricular activities such as band or chorus. I think anyone can see that the benefits of extra-curricular activities are far more important than money.