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I do agree with the saying "to see is to believe" because it is hard to tell if something is true without seeing or experiencing it. For now, I do believe that extra terrestrials just existed in our imaginations but not in the real world.

The universe has many mysteries that are not yet known to man and not yet proven science. Many questions are still not answered by science. "Are there anyone other than us?" is the most frequently asked question.

It is assumed that extra terrestrials or aliens are life forms that are from other planets. There are many questions about them but the first question to be asked is do they really exist? Many of people believe that they are for real and many disagree for their existence. It's just like being in a trial in a courtroom without enough evidence to prove that they really exist.

Lets say that the prosecutors are the people who believe in the existence of extra terrestrials and the defendants are the one who disapproves. Those who believe their existence says that their technology are more advance than ours because they can travel from one planet to another that is millions of light years away.

All kids were bothered about the existence of extra terrestrials because of the movies they watched and stories they heard from their parents. Almost all stories tell that aliens are aggressive and they eat or kill kids that do not obey their parents. These ideas will remain in the mind of the child. They will be curious about extra terrestrials until they know that it is a sufficient evidence for their existence.

Many movies about extra terrestrials are made but they are all fictions. Directors, costume designers and special effects person uses their imagination to generate...