The extrordinary accomplishments of Fr. Chisolm in the Book "Keys of the Kingdom" by A. J. Cronin.

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The Keys of the Kingdom is a realistic fiction novel written by A.J. Cronin. The main focus of the story is on a certain Fr. Chisolm. This man is one unusual, yet extraordinary person. He is a kind, loving, generous, and honest man who makes for an ideal priest. In some instances he even risks his life to save others. Fr. has the criterion characteristics to be a remarkable person and carries out his work in the proper way. The reason Fr. Chisolm is such a remarkable being, by saving a freezing baby and risking his life to save a wounded soldier, is because of his stellar upbringing by his Aunt Polly and Uncle Ned.

When Fr. Chisolm saved Anna, it was an extraordinary accomplishment because of the heroism and responsibility he took for the child. The bravery it took to save her and to take her under his wing was more than any other person may have done.

When he heard that soft cry coming from a distance, he knew it was his duty to go see what it was. When he found her he immediately called upon Joseph to come to his assistance. Fr. Chisolm saved Anna from the cold and snow instead of just leaving the child to die. As a man of religion, he knew what he had to do, and the right thing was to save that child. When father saved her, it may not have been the most extraordinary accomplishment one could do, but he saved her life and let her live on in his mission along with Joseph. He nursed her back to health and kept her as his own.

When Fr. Chisolm risked his life to save the wounded soldier outside of the mission gates, it was a true act of...