Exxon Valdez

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Synopsis In today's society there are many problems that affect the world in many different ways. There are some businesses and organizations that are responsible for these great problems. Some take responsibilities for their action, while others do not. There are many reasons for this whether they are economical, social, environmental, and as well as may other reasons. In to many cases the amount of money that it cost a company to fix their mistakes out way the cost to ignore the problem. They do not take in consideration on how they affect others physically and how they effect the environment. In many ways like our government the United States and their businesses are more reactive to problems that already happened. Business society and government should be more proactive in insuring that there will be no problems or at the very least minimal amounts the amount of potential problems. However the businesses that survive in the long run do make attempts to do the right thing.

An example of how business, society, and government did not act proactive but reactive was the incident of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on March 24, 1989 in Alaska's Prince William Sound. This was the largest oil spill in the United States history. In many eyes it should have never happened. Not even one year later, British Petroleum had an oil spill by Huntington Beach, California. There were many stakeholders at risk that would never of benefited form Exxon, if the spill never happened. However the clean up attempt was too slow and they were unprepared to handle such an event. This was due to Exxon and the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company were not prepared for the disaster. As of today the eco system has not fully recovered, the environment, and the local communities.