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Throughout History, great civilizations have existed in various parts of the world. The cultural and intellectual achievements of these civilizations contributed to the advancement of humankind. Civilization is a complex, highly organized social order. The Egyptians civilization include of Hieroglyphics, Mummification, and Pyramids.

Hieroglyphics were forms of writing used by scribes and priests. Scribes and priests carved hieroglyphics on stone. The earliest hieroglyphics were pictograms that depicted objects. After hieroglyphics, demotic was developed. Demotic is a simpler form of writing for everyday use.

Mummification is a skill use to give the soul use of its body in the afterlife. At first, mummification was a privilege reserved for rulers and nobles. Then, ordinary Egyptian won the right to mummify their dead with everything they would need for eternity.

The Egyptians buried the dead in tombs called Pyramids. The pyramids are still standing at the City of Giza near Cairo.

Pyramids were tombs for eternity because the afterlife is for eternity. Inside the pyramids was everything that the dead would need in the afterlife.

Egyptians civilization contributed to advancement of humankind. Scribes to keep records used hieroglyphics. Mummification was a skill used by embalmers to preserved bodies. Pyramids were massive tombs used to bury the dead. Egyptians civilization was a major part of human advancement.