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Abercrombie n Fitch is an American clothing retailer that emphasizes on casual wear for youth. It owns more than 300 locations in United States and is expanding not only in the home market and also internationally. The company operates three off shoot brands; Abercrombie & Fitch kids , Hollister co. and Gilly hicks.

The company's main competitors are Aeropostale P.S and Amarican Eagle Outfitters. The head office of the company is in New Albany'Ohio. The company owns 1006 number of stores and total assets of US $ 2.85 Billion.The famous clothing retailer is controversial for its focus on only young, fit and beautiful people.


I have considered all facts and figures about the company and came to know that the company is controversial because of selling its goods to a specific type of customers. The company describes its niche as an aspiration 'casual luxury' and the CEO of the company deliberately says that we want only young and beautiful people to shop from us.

This attitude of the company is distracting its potential customers and hitting their self-esteem that is why their values are shifting into other companies. The main objective of my research is to clarify and explain this interesting attitude of the company and the consequences of it on the market and customer's flow moreover to answer the question that how company is going through the field of the competition with this attitude.


After a keen observation of my chosen company I have found five main problems. The table below is highlighting them.


Potential issue

Research question

No customers for large and extra-large sizes.

Company is not selling large and extra-large sizes.

Which factors forbid company to sell these sizes?

Sales are lower than predictions.

Forecasting is not good.

Which factors...