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From the Department of Transportation, a rule was proposed and finalized by the Federal Aviation Administration in the Federal Registrar, Vol. 66, No.185. This rule stated, ?Prohibition against certain flights within the territory and airspace of Afghanistan.? This action prohibits the flight operations with the territory and airspace of Afghanistan by all United States air carriers, U.S. commercial operators, and by all persons exercising the privileges of an airman certificate issued by the FAA unless that airman is a foreign national engaged in the operation of a U.S.-registered aircraft for a foreign carrier. This action is deemed necessary to prevent a potential hazard to persons and aircraft engaged in such flight operations for the reasons set forth below.

This rule became necessary after the September 11th bombings. The FAA felt responsible for the safety of flight in the United States and for the safety of U.S.-registered aircraft and U.S. operators throughout the world.

The felt this was an issue of national security and is to become effective immediately. The FAA claimed that recent unrest in Kabul, coupled with a heightened alert by military forces controlled by the Taliban, may provoke coordination and communication problems between military air defense and civil air traffic authorities that could result in an inadvertent air attack on civil aviation. Therefore, The FAA deems that Afghan territory is unsafe to fly above and has prohibited doing so.