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Fable is about a young boy who witnissed bandits brutely murdering the people of his hometown, Oakvale. He returns to his home only to see his father lyeing dead. A powerfull wizard by the name of Maze saved him and brought him back to the Guild. The Guild is where many of the famous heroes and villians were trained. The young boy grew up to be a man. But yet he doesnt know which path to take. The path of good, or evil...

Overall, this is a very fun game and I highly recommend everyone to get it. You can change your characters clothes, hair, attitude, face, give him tattoos, and after fighting in a battle he'll even get scars. The creatures in this game are mystical and some frighting. And depending on if hes evil or good, his body will change. If he is Evil, he'll start to grow horns and have red fog appearing around his feet.

He would also get red glowing eyes and start to atract flies. But if your good, your eyes will become a bright blue. And youll grow a halo around your head and butterflies will flutter around you. As i said before, GO GET THIS GAME!