A Face Only a Mother Could Love: A look at the stereotypes of beauty and ugliness in horror movies.

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If you live on Elm Street near Camp Crystal Lake, then you better be on the look out for the scariest of the horror movie villains, "Freddy Krueger" and "Jason Vorhees". Both have been done wrong by others and are back from the dead to take vengeance on them and their children. In order to do this, a weapon is necessary. Maybe a machete or a glove of razor sharp finger tips will do the trick. However, I think that their decomposition and mid-cosmetic surgery looks would suit their needs just fine. Most people are scared of deformities. What better way to strike fear than with characters like these. Some movies go so far to make the story unbelievably ridiculous, just so the bad guy can be horribly grotesque.

So let's take a deeper look at Freddy Krueger, a serial killer who terrified the parents of Elm Street by going on a child killing spree.

The parents, in an act of vigilance, burned Krueger alive for his crimes. But that did not stop him. He was given the power to live in dreams and kill the children of Elm St. while they sleep or better yet, while they dream. The strange thing about this story is that you would think living in a dream world would allow a person to do what they desired. For instance, maybe cure the melted skin look. You have the power to look like Marlon Brando if you wanted to. I would think it easier to kill children if they are not afraid to come close to you.

But wait! What am I thinking? Since the days of Frankenstein and Wolfman, society has portrayed evil as ugly. As Lennard J. Davis states in his essay Visualizing the Disabled Body, "Myths of beauty...