In the Face of Poverty

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In the Face of PovertyMay 20091b. I believe that the scenario with the greatest number of resources available is scenario number three. I feel that the resources are emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, role models, and knowledge of middle-class hidden rules.

1c. I believe that the scenario with the least number of resources available is scenario number seven. I feel that the only resources that are available in this scenario are financial and physical.

2. The formal register is important for many reasons. The most obvious one that stands out is the use of it in work and in school. A formal register allows people to get directly to the point of why they are speaking. It also allows for stories to be told in order, or sequential to where they make sense with a beginning, middle, and end.

3a. I have no idea how to survive in poverty. The things that I would be unable to do without assistance would be finding rummage sales (other than garage sales in a newspaper), finding garbage bins at grocery stores, getting someone out of jail, how to get a gun with a police record, live without electricity and phone, how to move in half a day, how to get food stamps, find free medical clinics, or get by without a car.

I believe that I am middle class as I am able to do all of these things. Although I knew a few of the poverty level survival skills, the majority of my skills are in middle class. I am also not sure that I could survive in wealth. Most of those things I would not be able to do either.

3b. I believe that I can relate to both poverty and middle class in possessions. I realize that people are important to...