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Running Head: FACEBOOK





The advent of internet has taken the world by storm. The internet began in 1969 as a medium to exchange information between the military officers. This was according to them a way to exchange information among the service men and higher officials with the help of ARPA (Advanced Research Project-Department Of Defense). This was the evolution of internet initially designed for Military and governmental use. The medium of Internet proved to be a "catchy" one and gradually started to grow involving organizations, ammunition companies and finally the Individuals. The growth of public inside a private domain forced the military officers to give up the idea of transmitting information via this medium. Since then the "bond of love" between a locale user and the internet has been on the rise.


One of the biggest accomplishments of internet thus far is the growth of locale user in the internet and their interaction with their "homies" i.e.

friends, families and mates. The word "add as friend" has been on the rise since 2005, when Internet introduced its public page where one can add many friends in person and have a chat or post a relevant information on their page when ever they wished to do so. Before that this was only done privately via email. This concept was known as the social networks and there was a race amongst many companies. These included: Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Linkedin and many more. Among all of them Facebook was the one to steal the show.

The story of Facebook is similar to the Internet and it was founded to connect the students of Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg the developer of Facebook would have never expected that his project within five years of time would be the necessity of everyone...