Facebook can talk

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Yueli Chen


December 9, 2013

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Facebook Can Talk

Facebook has been a sensitive and hot topic of discussion for many years. The use of Facebook brings many issues. For example, people might like to talk about if Facebook is more of a positive or a negative, if Facebook should be banned, or more seriously, if it is a beneficial social media that can help enhance people's social or private life. Sometimes, Facebook is like a superstar in the news, whether positive or negative, and users seem obsessed with "hyping up" Facebook. Regardless, Facebook is still the largest social networking site. To rate how beneficial Facebook seems no longer an issue. However, there is some belief that Facebook can talk, and it can talk about one's age, gender, personality and so on.

It is common for people to start with "Can I add you on Facebook?". Many who want to keep in touch with friends and family would be more likely to use social networking sites such as Classmates, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter and most commonly, the Facebook.

Facebook allows users to connect with others by sharing pictures, blogs, videos, interests, etc. On Facebook homepage, it has a big block for any news feed, a box for updating status or adding pictures. On the top of homepage, there is a notifications panel, and different icons would show a red flag when there is a new message or a friend request and a numerical count of these messages or requests. The left-side column displays your personal information, groups you are in and the favorite games and links. The right-side column shows "favorite" friends who are online or off-line. A group chat on Facebook allows people to interact with one another over the shared area of interest such as a family...